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Herbal Teas
By The Ounce $7.00
To Make the Perfect Cup of Tea                       
     Let the water run for a few seconds. Now measure
one cup + of fresh, cold water. Bring it to a boil and
remove it from the heat. Place 1 generous teaspoon of
Tea in your tea-ball, or other tea- brewing apparatus.
Pour the freshly boiled water over the tea-ball and
cover it. Steep until the desired strength is reached,
usually 3 to 8 minutes. The definition of "to steep" is as
follows: soak until the medicinal or aromatic qualities
have been extracted. If you can smell the essential oils,
they are escaping. Remove the cover, stir the tea up
from the bottom of the cup, sweeten to taste as needed,
locally harvested honey is best, relax and enjoy.
Alfalfa Mint                                                 
A pleasant combination, relaxing and fragrant. Reminiscent of
a meadow or a walk along the stream. Or both.
Barb's Time of the Month Tea
Barb knew she'd be famous, but she never thought it would be
for this. Many repeat sales over the years of this relief giving
blend. Also good for upset stomach, because of that, men and
children drink Barb's too.
A Tea For Brian
"To Ease Nervous Tension, the Stomach it Brings and Melancholy"  
This Tea helps induce a nice peaceful sleep. If it works for        
  Brian and it does,  it will work for you.
Cinnamon Spice
Sweet and spicy, strong and bold, but yummy.                                
Tim's Tea For Colds
So  there he was, a long weekend, a hot babe and a cold.....          
If you are truly interested in ordering Herbal Teas, please email
to the address below. Due to human nature's lazy curiosity and
unwillingness to do the work, the ingredients of our teas will no
longer be listed on this website, but are available by request.
Garden Club Tea
     "to induce a feeling of euphoria and well-being"                        
                     a beautiful and sweetly scented tea
North American Indian Spring Tonic Tea     
a delicious and invigoriting energizer.                                      
Full Moon Tea
My memories are vivid, the tea is delicious, try it yourself and   
                      make your own memories by moonlight.
Posies Tea
  In memory of Gladys Scott. You know her as Scottie.         
They  flat-out don't make women like her anymore. More's the
pity. She taught me at least one third of everything that I know.  
                                 Rest in peace my Friend.
Star Gazing Tea
for you, Jeffrey                                                                                       
"an easy ride back to basics, understanding of your many
John's Ulcer Tea
You do not need an ulcer to feel stress and insomnia.                      
            Blended for a divorce, so that says it all.
ALL HERBAL TEA BLENDS are taken from years of research from
traditional Herbals, Pharmacopoeias, any and everything related to Herbs that
was loaned, borrowed or given. All Teas are offered in fun and are never
intended to heal you in any way. Please, and we are most sincere about this, if
your reaction is anything but good, or your complaint continues for more than
one day, discontinue use at once and consult with a duly licensed medical
As with all Herbs, Spices and Herbal Blends:
Please store in a dark, cool place. For years people have asked me,
"But how do I know if my Herbs are still good?"  Merely pinch them,
my Sweet, if they are still aromatic, use them often and with joy.
Hot Flash Tea                                                 
Needs no explanation, this is a new blend, by request of many.  
Tea Balls in 3 sizes: 2'' $2.50 each and  2  1/2" $3.50 each
Both stainless steel mesh with hinge, chain and hook.                 
Also available: 3" chrome plated infuser  with chain and hook at
$4.00 each. The chain and hook styles allow you to easily cover
your tea while it is steeping and conveniently remove the t-ball
when you are done using it. Can it be any more fun than this ?
Attitude Adjustment Tea
" Straighten up and fly right".                                                                
For Dylan Danger, a few words from your Grandfather.
Zen Blend Tea
    A time out tea, a here and now experience.                                    
      Fruity, relaxing and tasty. Of course. Delicious iced.
Incredible Dreams Tea                                  
   When someone asks how you are, is your answer always
"same old stuff" ? Try this tea and you will definitely have
something to talk about. Perhaps only your waking life is
dull, but your dreaming life will not be dull, at all.
Insomnia Tea                                                  
 If you have trouble falling asleep or trouble staying asleep,
there may be issues in your life you need to investigate. Until
then, this Tea Blend will help you find restful sleep. You will
awake refreshed, not groggy.
Rock Your Sox Off Tea                                   
an excessive buzz, an alternative to black tea and coffee.    
All Herbal Tea Blends are available in quantites
larger than 1 ounce. As life is short and we should
all enjoy ourselves, please feel free to ask for any
custom Blend you desire. We will be pleased to
entertain your request, email to: