Moonshadow Herbs                              
   PO Box 216, Nineveh, New York 13813
          MOONSHADOW HERBS                           
                    *The ELEMENTS*                                            
         Aromatherapy for Mind and Body.                       
Aromatherapy has been used by many cultures for thousands of years
to help people feel better. Simply put, aromatherapy is the inhalation
of scent to alter states of mind. The line of aromatherapy products
offered by Moonshadow Herbs is for fun, to allow you to pamper
yourself, using traditional blends of herbs, spices and essential oils to
ease common complaints. All blends are strictly for external use and
no medicinal claims are ever made or implied. Please, respect the
power of herbs. Never ingest any herb, spice or essential oil without
consulting a licensed medical professional                                              
Our timeless combinations are as follows:                                                    
Water * calming and healing *                                  
          *Earth * relaxing and soothing*                                
          * Wind* stimulating and refreshing*                        
           * Fire* invigorating and rejuvenating*                    
     * The Elements* Aromatherapy for Mind and Body    
    are available to you in the following presentations;     
One dram of essential oils: blended with jojoba oil for
use to scent yourself, add to massage oils,or in your
bath.                                Each synergistic blend is $28.00
Two ounces of body oil: excellent as a massage oil or
after shower or bath to seal in moisture and soften skin.
 Blended with a base oil of jojoba.                                      
                                      Each synergistic blend is $32.00
Bath Pillows: a small muslin bag, full of herbs, spices
and essential oil, for one delightful bath.                           
                                                    One Bath Pillow is $4.00
                                    or four, any combination is $15.00
     We invite you to indulge yourself, aromatically with
your choice of * The Elements*                                           
     * Water *          *Earth*          *Wind*           *Fire*         
            Available to suit your every state of mind.
Astrologically Correct Potpourris    an exclusive line from
Moonshadow Herbs
Once upon a time, not long ago, Herbs were medicine. It was the duty of every
person studying the art of healing to recognize every plant, understand its virtues,
its Planetary Ruler and its Zodiacial Sign. Then, to see that each Herb was planted,
grown or harvested under the very most favourable planetary conditions.
 It was believed that the cause of every disease was indicated in the Birth Chart,
as well as the strenghts and the weaknesses of each organ of the body. Each of the
twelve Houses of the Zodiac governs a definite part of the body, as you readers of
your Horoscope well know.
So. Astrologically Correct Potpourris, as presented to you by Moonshadow Herbs,
takes a very serious subject, your health and offers it to you, after eighteen months
of research, as twelve unique  blends, one for each sign of the Zodiac. Very personal
and well acclaimed as gifts.
Each blend for the Zodiac is packaged in a hand-dyed bag and is tied with a ribbon,
both in colors appropriate to the Sign. Included with each is a card with
information pertinent to each sign.                                                                                     
                                                                                                          EACH: $ 12.00
*Aries*              March 21 to April 19*                
 *Taurus*          April 20 to May 20*                 
* Gemini*          May 21 to June 20*                    
 *Cancer*           June 21to July 22*                     
 *Leo*                July 23 to August 22*                
 *Virgo*            August 23 to September 22*     
 *Libra*             September 23 to October 23*    
 *Scorpio*         October 24 to November 21*    
*Sagittarius*     November 22 to December 21*
*Capricorn*      December 22 to January 19*      
*Aquarius*       January 20 to February 19*       
* Pisces*            February 20 to March 20*