Heirloom Baskets
As a Master Basket Weaver and Designer I have been weaving
baskets since 1982.  For years, I have taught the art of basket weaving
at the State University of New York at Binghamton, now also at
SUNY Oneonta and for countless private groups and individuals.
Heirloom Baskets all are superior quality, made to be used and
passed down to future generations.  Each basket is woven locally
using traditional techniques.  All are natural color, however, you may
inquire regarding available dyes.  Many other styles are available and
we will weave a basket just for you. Custom size baskets can be
designed to fit your needs.  Because each basket is handmade, all
dimensions are approximate. Each hand-made basket comes with
historical data, care tips and is signed and dated by the artist.   
          Moonshadow Herbs            
PO Box 216, Nineveh, NY 13813    
Above is a sampling of the many different styles of baskets offered.
In the photos below, you will see each basket and the dimensions in
detail. Any style of basket can be woven to the size you desire. We
hope that you will enjoy the show as this is basket fever in motion.
These are all Apalachin Mountain
style baskets. The rounded shapes
are known as Melon Baskets. The
baskets with a deep divide between
the bottom of the basket are Egg
Baskets or Butt Baskets, because the
halves of the basket base look like
someone's bottom. On the left: the
two dark shaded baskets are my
own, many miles on them, many
miles of service left to give. They
have darkened with age, both
perhaps 25+years old. The largest
basket, 14" H x 16" W, at $350.00
because it will take weeks to weave
and  the smaller, 8 1/2" H x 8" W at
$150.00 because it will only require
15 hours of expert weaving.
These are smaller versions and the
sizes are assorted, ranging from
approximately 4" or 5" H x to 4"or 5" W.
As you can see, each is different, but all
are $50.00 each.
On your left is a Butterfly Basket, it is a
basket designed from the same family of
Apalachin Mountain style basketry. Size
is:10" H x 12". The Butterfly is meant to
hang as the base is too rounded to sit well.   
                                                     Each: $ 145.00
Below is once again the style of Apalachin
Mountain Basketry but with no handle. I
have woven so many of these as wedding
gifts that they have become The Wedding
Basket to me. The basket is constructed of
round reed and unlike the others above, it
is woven with cane so there is a natural
sheen. This is a gorgeous basket. Size is : 7"
H x 14" W.                                  Each: $150.00  
On the right is the same style
basket as is above but this one
is woven entirely of round
reed. I must admit, this is a
very desirable basket, but I am
uncertain why it rises above
the others. Everyone can not
wait to get their hot little
hands on this basket. There is
something Native American
about its design in my mind.
Size is: 6 1/2" H x 12" W             
                           Each: $ 150.00
Please be aware that not all styles of baskets are in stock at all times. There will be occasions when a
basket is woven just for you. With that in mind, please give advance notice for baskets that are gifts
and /or must be received by a certain date. The more notice the better, as art takes time. It will be a
pleasure to weave your requested basket. Thank you for your consideration and appreciation for the
art of Basketry. This craft is one of the few left in this World that can only be done by hand.
On the right is a basket that is
woven primarily of Seagrass. Due
to its size and tactile allure, this
basket is an attention grabber. I
had this in my head for months
before it finally came out. This is
a very time consuming basket to
weave and requires a tremendous
amount of patience. If you order,
please expect that I will be saying
words my Mother never taught
me, until it is completed. The lid
is a perfect compliment to the
shape of the basket. Size is : 9" H x
12" W x 7 1/2" base.                           
                                    Each: $ 300.00
Because a creative challenge is
always welcome, the basket on the
right also has a lid. A handsome
basket that looks like it came from
Disney's "Fantasia" or perhaps it
just looks like a mushroom. An
interesting place to hide your
valuables. Woven of round reed it
is 8 1/2" H x 9 1/2" W x 5" base.       
                  One of a kind: $155.00     
  Right and below are two views of
the Muffin or Bread Basket. A nice
addition to your dinner table and
a generous size to hold two dozen
muffins or a large loaf of bread. A
sturdy basket, woven of flat reed
with seagrass and cane trim. The
Muffin Basket will give you years
of gracious service. Size: 6" H total
 with handles, 4" H x12" L x 9" W    
                                      Each: $ 65.00  
"Hearts, who doesn't love hearts ?"
Asked the woman who ordered one.
Indeed. Hearts. So hopeful. So
romantic. So indicitive of love with
all of its sweet potential. You are
welcome to order a heart in a larger
size but those pictured here are:          
      large Hearts, 4 1/2" H x 6 1/2" W  
      small hearts, 2 1/2" H x 5 1/2" W  
                                 Large $ 45.00 each  
                                 Small  $30.00 each  
  Colors clockwise: red, pink purple,
pink and purple. You may order any
color that pleases you.                           
  I will admit, it is easy to not like
Hearts when you have a broken one.
But mercifully, all Hearts heal from
even the most devastating blow.         
Miniature Baskets, well really, Dolly
Baskets. Of course, you are welcome to
order any size or color you please.
Beginning with the small red basket
and moving clockwise:                         
Small Red Basket: 2 1/4"Hx X 1 1/4" W  
Gathering Basket: with handle (handle
not shown) 6 1/2"H x 5"W         $16.00     
Doll's Sewing or Knitting Basket:2" H x
4" W                                                $18.00    
Turquoise and natural basket with
5" H x 3" W                        $14.00  
Little Gathering Basket: 3"x 3"    $10.00
Little red and green basket:
1" H x 2" W   
Tiny Basket: 1 1/2" H x 1" W       $12.00   
Doll's Sewing or Knitting Basket:            
1 1/2" H x 3" W                              $18.00   
Red and natural basket with handle:      
6" H x 4" W                                      $16.00   
The Red Path:  3 1/2"H x 4 1/2" W          
I am addicted to basket weaving and design and I adore the birds. It was just a matter of when the two
habits would combine and spill out of my door. As with all the baskets shown on this page, the
Birdwarmers shown below are my own design. Birdwarmers. Bitter cold winds, thunderstorms, what is a
little bird to do ? Find shelter and they do, usually with their tails sticking out, in a Birdwarmer. Each
basket is unique, as I try to think of what would look inviting to a little bird. Sizes range from 9" to 12"
tall and from 4 1/12" to 6 1/12" wide.  I wove my first "batch" 9 years ago and they are still providing
shelter. Longer life will be gained from a sheltered location, but it is not mandatory. Shown below are a
group photo and close-ups.                                                                                                                                             
                                                                                                                                                   Price each is $45.00        
To your right, two views: This part
of the World is famous for its
Carrousels and that is the
inspiration for this basket. I like
that the colors are both inside and
outside of the basket. I like the
shape as well.  This beautiful,
colorful basket always draws my
eye.                          Size: 6" H x 7" W
       Price: $75.00
At right is my own personal Sewing
Basket, it is woven in the traditional
style of American Sewing Baskets, I
have seen many like this basket in
local antique shops. The old ones
usually  have bands of color more
often than not dark green or rose
pink. With the lid, this basket is       
3 1/2" H x 11" W, woven of both
round and flat reed.                              
                                          Price: $175.00
On the right: This basket is really different, even
by my standards. Because I never do anything half
way, the first time I made potpourri using the
traditional moist method, there was, of course, a
gallon of it. So, now what to do with it, because
although it smells delightful, it looks not so good.
I'll just weave a basket to cover the gallon jar.
Here it is, 14" H x 9" W, seagrass, red and black
dyed reed weavers, a very nice lid with bamboo
beads. You may not purchase this one, but I
would be very pleased to weave one for you.           
                                                                  Price: $275.00
At right is a reproduction of a Flower Basket from
the 1930's. The original belonged to my friend's
Grandmother and was in deplorable condition, not
able to be repaired or saved, disrespected for too
many years. Somehow, I was able to reproduce
this beautiful, graceful flower basket. Put your
own vase in the holder and fill with posies.
Black-eyed Susans and Daisies are especially nice
with some Bedstraw.  20"H x 15"across x 4" base        
                                                               Price: $250.00    
to the left is a 7 year old, Birdwarmer still doing
the job of keeping little birds warm.
At left and below: this is this same
basket. I have always like the way the
base and the outside walls look so
unlike each other. The base is a twill
pattern, woven from cane. Below, the
sides are woven from 1/4" flat reed,
round reed and cane. This basket is,
like several others on this page,
included to inspire you to have custom
basketry woven just for yourself.  
Colors of your choice       6"H x 14" W    
                                            Price: $175.00
When a basket is repaired, it should
always be honest. In other words, a
repair should always look like a
repair, it does not want to blend in
and appear to have the age of the rest
of the basket. This is my 25+ year old
basket from the group photo at the
top of this page.As I was coming out
of a Doll Studio, it got caught on the
storm door. Pressed back into service,
we are ready for 25+ more years.
Please inquire if your basket is in
need of repair. My pleasure to bring
your treasured basket back to life.
Many people have visited this website looking for information on Basket repair. If
you are interested in repairing your own basket, our advice is DON"T without first
consulting a Basket Weaver. Chances are, you will do more harm than good if you are
not experienced. We are available to repair your basket, woven or caned chair, or for
a consultation on your prized posession, email your question to the above address.
on the right: is a Berry Picking
Basket with a wrapped handle.  
Of course you don't have to go
berry picking to use the Berry
Basket,but if you do, the handle
is just the right height and the
opening is wide enough for you
to get your hand inside without
spilling berries on the ground. If
you put a vase inside, it would
look very nice with your flowers  
languishing over the sides.
Woven of round reed and
seagrass. 5" base x 8" opening,
6"H X 13" overall.                          
                              price: $65.00
On the very bottom of the
"CLASSES" page on this website,
photos of a Zuni Basket sent to this
Studio for repairs are shown. If
you are interested in Basket repair,
other photos are available for you
to see. Please send photos of your
Basket to the email address above
along with any questions you may
If you are looking for a special
gift for yourself, or for someone
dear to you, the Basket style on
your left comes very highly
recommended.The Basket with
no handle is pefect for anyone
who does any handwork: knit,
crochet, sew, quilt, needlepoint.
There is no handle to get in your
way when you reach for your
scissors and the Basket will sit
flat and not wobble. As a work
Basket, there is none better. Any
size is available by your special
order. Please feel free to inquire.
This Summer, I had the good
fortune to weave custom size
Baskets for a gentleman's 50th
Birthday. To your right is
Bruce's Challah Basket. It is
12"W x18"L x 4"H. Next to it is
his Birdwarmer. The Challah
Basket was so large that it easily
fit two of the Bread Baskets
from above.                                
Below, are two Baskets that are
nested as one. I am particularly
pleased that the Baskets fit
together so well and were just
what Bruce needed to harvest