As a professional Calligrapher for many
years, I have taught Calligraphy at both  State
University in Binghamton, New York and
State University at Oneonta, New York and
for many private groups and individuals.
When you have a great idea and would like a
different, professional presentation, your
work can be done in Calligraphy. By special
order your poem, your story, your thoughts
and words can have artistic impact. Over the
years I have done many Calligraphic pieces
and have enjoyed each one of them.
  • Certificates for weddings, graduations,
    completions, and other occasions
  • Signs
  • Thousands of envelopes              
  • Wedding gifts
  • A piano
  • Eulogies
  • Many passages and poems
  • A scroll with one hundred reasons why a
    woman should marry the man who
    dearly, loves  her.           
  • Cover pages for Guest Books     
  • Guest Seating Cards
Hand colored, pen and ink illustrations are    
available on all Calligraphic work.          
Please feel free to contact:      
Samples of Calligraphy are gladly sent upon
your request.    
We look forward to writing your words.
PO Box 216, Nineveh, New York 13813