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Culinary Blends  
$8.00 by the ounce, unless
otherwise noted
Herbs for beef: a distinctive addition
to any beef dish, from burgers to roasts.
Bouquet Garni: a gourmet touch to all
sauces and soups, muslin garni bag included.
Boursin Cheese: "positively delicious" an irrestistible
cream cheese and butter based spread or dip. Definitely not on
the diet plan, but who cares? This is also good tossed with pasta
and veggies. It is good on a spoon... 1/2 ounce package.
Chinese Five Spice: a very fragrant blend with great
Garlic Herb Bread: if you like garlic bread, you can
make the very best. Instructions are included. Add fresh garlic
and herbs to butter, heat loaf in oven, try not to eat it all. This
herb blend makes the very best grilled sandwiches, ever. That
is, if there's any garlic bread left-over.  1/2 ounce package.
Italian Seasonings: my Mother's adaptation of her
Mother's red sauce. Therefore, a family secret blend. Improve
the credibilty and flavor of your red sauce, your family will
adore you for your culinary skills. This is also delicious in soup
Mulling Spices: for cider or wine. Aromatic and
yummy. Instructions included.
No Salt Herb Seasoning: try on fish, salads, cottage
cheese, with eggs, mix with butter to serve on veggies. Create
your own tasty experiments.
Pisces Blend: a best seller, for any fish or seafood dish.
Use in tuna salad, for broiling, baking, as a marinade for
grilling, in soup or chowder. Fish love this blend.
Porky Herbs: by request, this blend was created for a
customer who loves pork roast. She would probably give you
her secret methods to perfection. This is an excellent blend for
the other white meat, chops, roast, however you chose your
Poultry Seasoning: makes your average bird
exceptional. For frying, baking, broiling, grilling or an addition
to poultry salads.
Salad Herbs: the perfect addition to all veggie salads, this
blend enhances flavors in tossed, potato, pasta or bean salads.
We have yet to discover a salad we do not like this blend in, it is
that versitile and tasty.
This very instant salad dressing: whiz the herbs
up with red wine vinegar and olive oil and optional fresh garlic.
I think this blend has an addictive quality going for it. Recipe for
an awesome salad is included.
Spiedie Mix:spiedies are cubed, marinated meat, beef,
pork, lamb or chicken, prepared like shish-ke-bob, but without
the veggies. Spiedies are best cooked over charcoal, grilled or
over an open fire. It is then imperative to remove your spiedie
from the skewer onto a slice of Italian bread. Ask anyone who
has tried them, you'll want more, everytime. Pronounced
"speedy", they are tremendously popular in this part of New
York State. The secret was brought from Italy decades ago by
the Iacovelli family. This is my Father's secret spiedie recipe,
an herb and spice blend to mix with oil and vinegar. My Dear
Old Dad was an excellent cook. Instructions are included.          
White Pizza Herbs: a delicious blend, use to prepare
your own pizza or to greatly improve the flavor of a purchased
pizza. By request, we will send you our personal, from scratch,
you get to knead the dough yourself, outrageous, White Pizza
recipe. This is sooo good, you need to make more than one at a
Herbs and Spices should be stored in labeled glass jars that are airtight.       
Place your Herbs and Spices in a cool, dark place and enjoy them often.       
Remember to shake all Blends before using, as gravity always wins. The      
 lighter weights go to the top, the heavier weights find their way to the         
 bottom of the jar. Pinch the herbs as you are using them, to release the        
 essential oils and therefore, the flavors and aromas.                                       
 When cooking with Herbs and Spices, the garlic, the onions, the bay leaf     
 and any seeds go in first. The delicate flavors of the herbs are best used at    
 the very end of cooking time. For example, with a red sauce: just as you      
 are ready to turn the heat off is the time to add Italian Seasonings  If you    
 add your Herbs and Spices early in your cooking time, you will have          
        only bitter flavors. That is definitely not what you want.                      
Wishing you many delicious moments, with           
                        those you love and care for.
Redneck Game Rub:rub the game with oil and
dredge in the rub, completely covering both sides. Allow time to
marinate prior to grilling, baking or broiling.