MOONSHADOW HERBS              
  PO Box 216, Nineveh, NY 13813
So now here I am, a serious doll collector, a member of the Doll Artisan Guild in
Oneonta, New York, a Certified Doll Artisan, Certified Seeley's Doll Products
Teacher and Doll Artisan Guild Master of Doll Making. We have experienced
seamstress's to dress your Dolls in reproduction antique styles or in modern
clothing. We are also pleased to offer expert repairs on your own treasured Dolls
or of their clothing or wigs. Also available is Doll jewlery, repair or replacement.
Through all of my life's changes, I have loved dolls. People come and people go,
but my dolls are always here to greet me. I have been so lucky to have had the
chance to learn porcelain doll making, because the dolls are so beautiful, so
challenging for me creatively, and such fabulous works of art. Even the tiny dolls
have presence. I am delighted to say beautiful hand-painted, porcelain dolls can
be made to order.
  • A doll can be hand-painted and costumed to closely resemble anyone from a
  • All bisque dolls
  • Antique reproductions
  • Modern dolls
From tiny graceful fairies, dressed in almost nothing, to life-like babies and small
children dressed for play, sleep, or parties, to adults dressed in the latest fashions,
you now have the opportunity to have your own doll, whether a cherished antique
reproduction or modern doll, dressed in clothes made from fabrics and styles that
are appropriate to his or her historical age. We have experienced and excellent
seamtress's who would love to dress your dolls. We can reproduce any costume.
Custom sewing of under clothing, shirts, pants, dresses, suits, coats, socks and
shoes can be made for your own special doll. Consider ordering a doll with his or
her own wardrobe as an unforgettable gift.
I do admit a life long fascination with all Bisque dolls, so that
as a doll maker, I could not wait to try my hand at painting
them. They are slippery little jellybeans, difficult to hold on
to while painting, yet worth every struggle.                                 
     On the left: a pair that I refer to as The Happy Couple.
They are 3 1/2" tall, beautifully detailed and highlighted in
lavender. Shown slightly larger than true size. There is the
same pair in stock, highlighted in rose pink, equally as happy.
   Sold as a couple only, either pair, lavender or rose:    $150.00
Below is all Bisque, Bye- Lo Baby, a reproduction of the doll
designed by Grace Storey Putnam and very popular in the
1920's, 1930's and 1940's. This little girl below is wearing a
handstitched diaper and simple Christening gown with
matching bonnet. She is a dimutive 4" long with tiny bare feet.
                                                                 She is avilable for  $175.00
Above left: 5" all Bisque" Johnny Jump Up"
he is wearing a handstitched all cotton
costume with silk ribbon trims. His shoes
are painted. He could not be any cuter, it is
just not possible. Beautifully detailed              
Above right: 5" all Bisque "Peterkins" hand
painted, pale blue, Doctor Dentons. They
are all my favorite, but Peterkins really is
my favorite.                         by special order
At right is tiny, 6" all Bisque Forget-Me-Not. She
is wearing a handstitched, all cotton dress with
all cotton lace with silk ribbons She has a
painted bow in her hair and painted brown
shoes. Stand is included.                      $225.00
At left and below is Ellie Ballerina. While all the
dolls above, the All Bisques ( all porcelain ) are
reproductions of antiques, Ellie is a Modern
Doll. She is a big girl 22" H, her head turns on a
porcelain shoulder plate, she has a cloth body
and porcelain hands and feet. She also has an
armature inside her body which gives her the
ability to be posed. Although not visable in
either photo, her skirt is full of silver stars.
There is something very wistful and natural
about her expression. I really do like her. She
could also be available as a redhead on a
composition body with the eye color of your
choice at this time.                                                      
                                          Ellie Ballerina $450.00
Porcelain Dolls can take months to create.
Perhaps longer. Just the process of creating
the doll to pour, fire and paint is lengthy
and sometimes, fraught with peril. If you
are thinking of ordering a doll, please place
your order well in advance. More dolls are
always appearing on this page. Thank you
for your interest in,                                            
         Moonshadow Herbs Emporium.

Wren and Sparrow are to the left , two
Modern dolls, they are actually the same
doll with different coloring. Wren and
Sparrow are all bisque, jointed at neck,
shoulders and hips. They are both 16" tall.
Dressed as wood nymphs, taking in the
Spring sunshine. This doll also is desirable
as a young girl dressed for school or for a
party. They look a bit green, but that is a
reflection from the plants. They are actually
quite rosy, see them on our Home page.       
             Order your own doll for:    $480.00   
This very handsome man
is A14T Merilie as the still
famous Italian lover,
Giacomo Casanova. He is
24" tall, an imposing and
as impressive figure of a
man as Casanova himself.
His garments, designed
by Ale Thor, as a proper
18th Century Gentleman.
His undergarments and
shirt are of fine cotton.
The black breeches are
lined and are cotton as
well.  Casanova's
waistcoat and coat are silk
and are also lined with
silk. His socks have been
hand-knit in England and
his leather, hand-made
shoes have beautiful
enameled, black buckles.
On the left and below, a close up of the ever
beautiful 20", French Portrait Jumeau "Stobe".
She is wearing fine cotton, split-drawers, a
chemise, petticoat, corset and bustle. Each under
garmet has been stitched by hand. All are
beneath a cotton lined, iridescent silk Walking
Suit. Stobe's Walking Suit has hand-pulled silk
fringes on both her jacket and skirt. There is
diamond folded trim above the box pleated hem
of her skirt. Her earrings match her deep blue
eyes. A lady should wear silk knit stockings with
hand-made leather boots, so of course, Stobe
does wear both. Her hat is made of the same
lovely silk as her Walking Suit, with matching
ribbon trim and feathers. A stunning beauty
                           available now by special order   
As any Gentleman of his day, Casanova has a leather belt to hold his sword. He also owns a watch, a flask
for perfume and a brass greyhound-head walking stick. He proudly displays the keys to the apartments of
many women. The metallic trim on his waistcoat and coat are embellished with brass buttons and with
hundreds of both hand-stitched beads and sequins. The famous Italian Lover, Giacomo Casanova, will win
your heart as he has so many ladies.                                                           available now by special order
The following three dolls are by fellow Master of
Dollmaking and gifted Seamstress, my friend, Sue. On
your right is 7.5" Sugar Lump, with hand painted
porcelain head and hands on a cloth body. Her arms
are jointed. She is  sleeping soundly in the laundry
basket wearing a fleece sleeper and bonnet. Includes
lovely lace edged pillow, mattress with cover and
basket. Very sweet indeed.                                                   
                                                        Sugar Lump $65.00        
                                                        By Sue                              
On your left is 11" Noddy. He is a whimsical British story book
character Googly made using the JD Kestner 221 mold on a
jointed composition body. Noddy comes with his storybook and
a DVD telling of his adventures. Sue has taken her usual care to
create a Doll that is beautifully done in every way. Noddy is sure
to win your heart and an honored place in your Doll collection.
We love Noddy.  Stand included.                                                          
                                                                     Noddy: $475.00                    
                                                                     By Sue                                    
This lovely little 11" girl is EJ Dollan, an antique reproduction
procelain head Doll on a composition body.
She was orginally
by the firm of Emile Jumeau Depose and is number AE3JX.
She is dressed in a beautiful pale pink silk dupioni dress
trimmed with embossed organza ribbon. She is wearing silk knit
stockings and rosette trimmed leather shoes with silk ribbon
ties.If you look closely you will see that EJ carries her matching
beaded purse over her right hip. Her auburn hair is pulled back
with a matching organza ribbon and is a perfect compliment to
her bright blue eyes. EJ Dolan is a lovely small cabinet Doll, the
perfect size to fit into your collection.   Stand included                   
                                                                 By Sue                                       
                                                                  EJ Dolan: $ 385.00
This lovely red haired girl is also 20" French
Portrait Jumeau " Stobe". She has not deceided
what to wear besides her hand stitched, cotton
under garments.
On your left and below are a series of
photos of 19" A. Marque sculpted by
Albert Marque in 1915. He is a thoughtful
boy, dressed as a character in a ballet. He
is wearing all hand-stitched garments,
cotton under clothes and silk blouse ,
pants and jacket. His collar and sleeves are
embellished with pearls and beads. His
hat, shoes and garments are decorated
with gold trim. Below is his close-up. You
can see that the eyelashes skip the lid
crease in the eyelid. A. Marque is on a
jointed compostion body. He is quite
famous and rare to find as an antique.
Here is A. Marque with his Lady Love,
the 19" Mechanical Angel, FG Yvonne.
As an antique, she was produced by the
French doll company of Francois
Gaultier around 1860. Yvonne has a
porcelain head and arms that are
attached to a composition mechanical
body. When the key in back is wound,
her head turns and a tune plays. She is
wearing hand-stitched under garments
which includes a hoop skirt. Her dress
is silk and entirely beaded, with cotton
lace at the neckline and sleeves. The
photo below shows FG Yvonne alone,
but the two of them have been together
since A. Marque came through the
door. Some things are meant to be.          
         Either A. Marque or FG Yvonne      
     (or several other Mechanical Angels)
        are available now by special order   
On your right are triplets of Nancy, a
6" all bisque, head-torso doll. She is
wearing all cotton, hand-stitched,
under garments and dress with silk
ribbon trim. She has painted, blue
bows in her hair, painted eyes and
painted socks with a blue stripe and
painted shoes. She was orginally
produced in Germany for the
American firm of Louis Amberg and
Son between 1915-1920.                         
                        Nancy is available now
On your left is a 11" German
Googly Boy. He is dressed in what
seemed to me as "hand-me -downs"
when I dressed him. Shirt too snug,
pants too baggy. I had in mind that
he was the little brother, wearing
what was given to him. Next I
know, he is off to Competition.
Well, he lost points for his all over
"ill fitting clothes", because he
didn't tell the Judges that he was
wearing someone else's stuff. But
he came home with a red ribbon
anyway, because everyone loves
Googlies. Every man who has seen
him, smiles.
This Googly Girl is 11" tall,wearing a
vintage cotton blouse and jumper. She
has a cloth body with porcelain head,
shoulder plate, arms and boots. Her boots
are yellow with gold buttons. Because of
her shoulder plate, her head is poseable.
We all love the happy attitude of every
Googly. Googly, by the way, refers to the
positon of the doll's eyes.Googlies usually
have a "watermelon smile".
Marie is a 10" German, glass-eye, girl
on a composition body. Her red braids
are mohair. She is also available at this
time with painted eyes  and the wig
color of your choice. Marie is wearing
an all cotton combination and a dress
made from vintage English fabric. She
has red leather shoes and a doll-size
basket. She is the very first antique
reproduction doll that I painted
because I loved her look. I still do.
There is just something comforting
about Marie.                                                
                           Marie is available now   
   On the left and below is the 21" K*R
114 character doll, Hans. He was
orginally made in Germany starting in
1910. Hans has painted eyes, a mohair
wig and is dressed in the style worn by
young boys in that time period. Below
is a close up of the beading on his all-
cotton velveteen vest.                                
         Hans is available as a girl or a boy
                                 by special order
This is 16" Amber, an all-bisque, modern
Doll. She is wearing tan, ultra suede
undergarments, dress and cotton print
lined coat, with a pale blue scarf. She is
wearing Minnietonka mocasins. Actually,
everything she has on was created because
the Minnetonka's matched her blue eyes.
There are a few pair of mocasins left in
stock and a few Amber in the works.             
                            Amber is available now  
Bleuette. Her name speaks to
all doll lovers. She was made
famous in France beginning
in 1905 when she was given
as a premium for a magazine
subscription. Bleuette has
inspired many books and
many doll lovers for decades.
Here Bleuette Jumeau, Silver
and Gold along with their
dear friend, EJ Dollin, are
dressed and ready for a
birthday party in August.
Fripon, their dog is invited to
the party because he too, is
all dolled up in his red coat.
On the left is Bleuette Jumeau, the first
Bleuette to be offered as a premium. She is
wearing all cotton: undergarments, and
Summer Dress #15, 1905, with gathered silk
ribbon and matching bonnet and handmade
suede shoes with silk ribbon ties.                  
On the right is Bleuette Silver, the second
Bleuette to be offered. She is wearing all
cotton undergarments with Robe Kimino
from 1920 with a sunhat and handmade
suede shoes with peach silk bows.                 
 All dresses are from La Semaine de Suzette.
On the left is Bleuette Silver, wearing all
cotton undergarments and the all cotton
Summer Dress with scalloped sleeves and
hem. She is wearing a sunhat and white
handmade leather shoes with silk rosettes
and ties.                                                           
On the right is Bleuette Gold wearing all
cotton undergarments and dress, the
American Dress from 1950 with a felt beret
and matching handmade pink suede shoes
with silk ribbon ties.                                      
                     all Bleuettes are available now
This is Miss EJ Dollin, who thinks she
is a Bleuette. Really, why not ? She
was orginally made by Emile Jumeau,
so at the very least, she is a cousin.
She is 11" tall, just the perfect size.
She is wearing all cotton, hand
stitched under garments and a pink
felted sleeveless dress with matching
coat and hat. Her shoes are handmade
pink suede with silk ribbon bows.        
 EJ Dollin is available by special order
Bleuettes are very fashionable and are
pleased to share their happiness
whenever they have new clothes. On
the left is Silver wearing a G-L Summer
Dress from 1939.                                         
Miss EJ Dollin is wearing a dress from
1880 and a hat that she loathes.                 
Gold is wearing a jacket from 1939 with
the 1928 matching Elegant Dress, with
Harley wings pin.
On the left is the Premiere Bleuette wearing a pattern
from Gautier-Langeureau from the Summer of 1935,
"La Bonne Franquette" with matching hat and clutch.  
Gold is wearing the 1939 G-L pattern "Domino" and
is looking quite saucy.                                                   
 On the right, once again we have Silver wearing the
G-L Summer dress from 1939.                                       
 All of the costumes shown on this webpage are
available for you to order to dress your own dolls.  
Please inquire at the email address above.
At 20" tall, this is the most famous
German doll of all time, known as Mein
Liebling or "My Darling". She is available
in a smaller size as well. She is wearing
an all cotton one piece under garment
known as a combination and a full
length slip with matching lace. The
design of her dress is my own,
appropriate to her time, all cotton with a
small blue print, not fussy yet feminine.
She is also wearing handmade,  navy
leather single strap shoes.                            
                        Mein Liebling is available
On your left and below, I leave you
with Stobe. She  has been adopted
and is dressed for her long trip to
Phoenix, Arizona. She is wearing five
pieces of all cotton, handstitched  
undergarments,including a corset
and bustle under her royal blue silk
walking costume with matching hat
and high heeled boots with tassels.