Herbs & Spices   
By the 1/2 Ounce $3.00 each
By The Ounce $5.00 each
unless listed otherwise
alfalfa c/s certified organic       
allspice, ground                        
annatto seed, whole                  
anise seed, whole                      
anise star, whole                       
balsam needles                        
basil, c/s certified organic        
bay leaves, certified organic     
bayberry, root bark                
benzoin  gum, powder            
*black cohosh, root*  c/s     
blessed thistle c/s                
*blueberry leaves* c/s              
birch bark c/s                        
*broom tops* c/s                      
buchu leaves, whole               
calamus root, small pieces        
calendula flowers, orange        
caraway seed,whole                  
cardamon pods,whole              
catnip c/s certified organic       
cayene, powder                        
cedar chips                                
celery seed, whole                    
chamomile flowers  c/o            
chapparal c/s                            
chervil c/s                                
chickory root , raw                    
cinnamon, ground                     
                   3" sticks                
cloves, ground                          
            whole, select                 
comfrey, leaves c/s                   
               root, powder              
coriander seed, whole               
cumin seed,whole                     
damiana c/s                         
dong quai, root  c/s                  
deer tongue, leaves c/s        
dill seed, whole                         
                weed c/s  c/o           
elder blossoms, rubbed            
eucalyptus leaves c/s               
feverfew, flowers, whole   
fennel seed, whole                    
frankincense tears                
garlic, granules                        
ginger, ground                          
            1/8" pieces                
goldenseal root, powder
please inquire as to current
market price of goldenseal      
goto kola, herb c/s          
hawthorne berries, whole         
heal all c/s                      
heather flowers, pink           
hemlock cones 1/2"            
hibiscus, flowers                  
honeysuckle, flowers                
hops, flowers sweet                
horehound c/s               
hysopp  c/s c/o                
jasmine, flowers                        
juniper berries                        
*kava kava, root*                
lavender, flowers select super
blue certified organic                
lemon balm c/s    c/o               
lemon grass c/s                        
lemon peel c/s  1/8" pieces      
lemon thyme c/s                
lemon verbena c/s                
licorice root, cut 1/8" pieces     
life everlasting flowers        
linden (tilia) flowers         
mace, ground                            
marjoram,sweet c/s  c/o          
mugwort c/s                         
mustard seed, yellow,ground   
myrrh gum, peas                      
nutmeg, ground                       
oak moss c/s                           
orange peel 1/8" pieces            
oregano c/s  c/o                      
Oregon grape, root c/s            
orris root, powder                
paprika, Hungarian                
patchouli leaves c/s                
parsley flakes c/s  c/o             
passion flower, herb  c/s         
*pennyroyal* c/s                      
pepper, fine, black                    
whole peppercorns are
available, black, green, pink,
white or in blends. Please
inquire as to availability.         
patchouli leaves c/s       
peppermint c/s  c/o                
plaintain c/s                        
poppy flowers, red                
poppy seed                              
raspberry leaves, red c/s        
red clover, blossoms                
rosehips, cut                             
rosemary, ground                     
                 whole leaf               
rose petals and buds                
      1st quality   red             
rue c/s                                
sage, Greek cut c/s  c/o      
safflowers c/s                          
sandalwood, small chips          
sarsaparilla c/s                        
*sassafras, root bark, cut *        
saunders (santal), red chips     
savory c/s                                
saw palmetto berries                
skullcap c/s                        
*senna leaves* c/s                
sesame seeds, hulled c/o
slippery elm bark, powder      
southernwood c/s                
spearmint c/s                        
spikenard, root c/s                
strawberry leaves c/s              
*tansy* c/s                                
tarragon,French c/s                
*tonka beans*, whole                
thyme leaves c/s   c/o             
ursa uvi leaves, whole             
*valerian root* c/s                
vanilla bean (one) $7.00            
vervain, blue c/s                
vetiver root c/s                  
vitex (chaste tree berries)         
white oak bark c/s                
wild cherry bark c/s                
*wintergreen* c/s                
wood betony c/s                 
*woodruff, sweet* c/s              
*wormwood* c/s                
yarrow flowers                        
yerba santa c/s                         
Herbs and Spices their histories and many uses through
the ages is an intensely serious study. They are the basis of medicine and
can, therefore, be very dangerous. Do not ever attempt self diagnosis or self
medication. Always seek professional medical treatment as your common
sense dictates. Please, do not ever think " It's Herbal, it's natural, it's good
for you " because that is definitely not so. Never trust just one source of
information before using any Herb, Spice or Herbal Blend. Remember, you
are thinking of eating, drinking, serving, applying to your skin, or hopping
into a tub full of this plant. You need to learn as much, from as many
sources as you can find, about each Herb you use. You are well advised to
practice "The Art of Simpling" which means grow, use and learn all you can
about one Herb at a time. Your lessons will come to you over time, as ours
have. Do no harm.  Enjoy yourself. Make the world a better place to smell.   
Key : ** indicates that the
herb is considered
hazardous, restricted or
poisonous by the FDA.        
c/o: certified organic: we
will always carry and
subsitute certified organic,
when possible.              
 c/s:  cut and sifted.               
whole: is just that.        
All Herbs, Spices and Herbal Blends should be stored in glass jars with
air-tight lids. Your storage area should be cool,  dark and away from heat
sources such as your stove. Remember to "pinch" the Herbs as you use them to
release the essential oils, therefore, releasing the flavors and aromas. They like
it when you pinch them....."oh Baby, use me and keep me properly".
If by chance, your heart's desire is not listed, please feel free to inquire.
                                                    Thank You.                                                                 
Discount prices are always available on large quanities.