PO Box 216, Nineveh, New York 13813 

Welcome to Moonshadow Herbs Emporium                      
since 1974, providing the highest quality herbs, spices,      
 herbal teas, essential and fragrance oils, culinary blends
sachets, potpourris, bath blends, personal care                    
                      and aromatherapy.                                           
There is quality and personal integrity in all we do.        
Moonshadow Herbs is comfortably situated in the         
rolling foothills of the Catskill Mountains in beautiful
upstate New York, a delightful location to garden and to
explore other creative ways to enjoy life. The foothills all
roll along together making a peaceful, green and restful
sight. The Summers are hot and humid, the Winters are     
    too long and cold. Spring and Autumn, both just a         
              passing breeze. A hopeful passing breeze.             
           You are in the company of a knowledgeable
Herbalist who has educated thousands of students in the
cultivation and use of herbs, spices and essential oils.        
          "As a child I remember thinking that my                    
     Grandmother was magic. She could make anything      
   grow and I was astounded by her powers to bring green
     plants from the soil. I stood in wonder in her many       
  gardens and sat with delight at her table. She was a          
      great cook and you ate when you visited her home,      
  hungry or not. Now, I am magic too. I come from a long
line of gardeners, Herbalists, cooks and creative people".   
      This website is to introduce you to some of the             
          passions learned and mastered, along the                  
                            Crazy Rabbit Path.
Welcome to                                                                          
          MOONSHADOW HERBS EMPORIUM                  
                    Please enjoy your visit.                       
is a one woman site that offers
jewelry both practical and arty,
small dolls and a variety of
prayer beads. All products are
handmade and while some are
similar, no two are alike. Please
take this journey soon.
Please view the "Baskets" page for information on repair of your Basket.