Moonshadow Herbs                           
                                  PO Box 216, Nineveh, New York 13813                                      
                                   by the dram
allspice                       $14.00                 
anise                           $18.00                 
balsam, fir                  $28.00               
bergamot                    $26.00              
cedarwood                 $16.00                     
chamomile,German  please inquire    
chamomile,Roman    please inquire    
cinnamon                    $32.00            
citronella                     $12.00                 
clary sage                    $30.00                
clove bud                    $31.00                
eucalyptus                  $19.00                
frankincense              $42.00                
geranium, bourbon   $32.00               
geranium, rose           $18.00                 
ginger                          $28.00                
lavender,French        $30.00                
lemon                          $18.00                
lemongrass                 $18.00                    
marjoram                    $18.00         
myrhh                         $42.00               
orange,bitter neroli  $15.00         
orange, sweet             $18.00                
patchouli                    $35.00                
peppermint                $18.00               
pennyroyal                 $18.00                
petigrain                     $12.00                 
pine needle                $16.00                
rosemary                     $28.00               
sage,clary                    $28.00
sandalwood               $52.00                
spearmint                   $10.00                 
tangerine                    $20.00                
tea tree                        $19.00               
thuja(cedar leaf)        $10.00         
thyme, white              $20.00               
vetiver                         $22.00
wintergreen                $23.00                    
ylang ylang                 $26.00
Essential Oils are highly concentrated extracts of plants. Most are
obtained by steam distillation, the citrus oils by cold-pressing. One half ounce
of essential oil is equivalant to at least 5 pounds of plant material. Stored
properly, in a dark, cool place, essential oils will keep indefinitely. Do not ever
use externally or internally without consulting a reliable reference. Because
essential oils are used sparingly, generally only a drop or two will be needed
for your personal use. Always use a dropper to dispense essential oils, but do
not store with dropper in the bottle. Larger quantities and many other
Essential Oils are available, please feel free to inquire. There are no returns on
Oils. Please, keep all Herbal Blends, Essential and Fragrance Oils away from     
  children and pets.
Aromatherapy, Essential Oils, Fragrance Oils,             
                 Bath Blends and Personal Care
Fragrance Oils are synthetic oils, products of the lab, usually there are
no essential oils in a fragrance oil. Fragrance oils are referred to as potpourri
quality and should never be used on your skin, in your personal care products,
or taken internally. Fragrance oils are not suitable for Aromatherapy. In
keeping with our policy of high quality, Fragrance oils are offered because the
scents are true and the oils are affordable. Know this: you may see a display
labeled "Essential Oils", but that does mean it is true.Educate yourself to
realize  the difference before you buy.  Moonshadow Herbs, offers only the        
 highest quality Essential and Fragrance Oils available. Always.
bayberry                                $12.00
carnation                               $12.00  
cinnamon                              $14.00
frangipani (red jasmine)    $18.00
heather                                  $16.00
heliotrope                             $18.00
honeysuckle                         $12.00
jasmine                                  $10.00
lilac,blue                               $15.00
lily of the valley                  $12.00
rose                                        $15.00
strawberry                            $10.00  
violet                                     $14.00
Herbal Bath Blends        
     and Facial Steams     
O truly, once in your life discover
the forgotten luxury of Herbal
baths and Facial Steams. Best
explained by a customer "It made
me feel like a new woman. I'd have
done it years ago if I'd have known
this was all it took". What more
needs to be said. Instructions
included. Two herbal baths or
three facial steams per ounce.           
   by the ounce: $8.00                           
All bath and facial recipes
are well researched from
traditional tips on beauty
through the ages. In other
words, these Herbal blends
are standing the test of
Caterpillar to Butterfly:or out
of the happy cocoon. Blended for dry to
normal skin.                 
Enchantment: an aphrodisiac, Fun,
be careful what you wish for. Blended
for all skin types.
Magic Bath:to render you infinitely
irresistible. Blended for normal to oily
Aromatherapy for your               
                        Personal Care
Foot Bath: instructions included. Prepared
like a big cup of tea, soak your poor feet and
find great relief. Very popular for men.                 
                                                    by the ounce $8.00  
Queen of Hungary's Water: the
oldest written recipe for a cosmetic. According
to lore, the Gypsies concocted this and sold it in
their travels, as a cure-all. In my class, Lotions,
Potions and Concoctions, we make this lotion
and use it daily, after bath. The "Gypsy Water"
has a cider vinegar base and is infused with 8
herbs. The color is a very beautiful, rosy red.
Daily use restores the natural acid mantle to
your skin, restores, tones, helps to remove
grime and imperfections."This stuff is
awesome" Apply to a cotton ball and use a very
small amount daily.                                                   
                                     Two ounce bottle: $22.00      
 Hair Conditioner: an aromatherapy
blend of essential oils, after shampoo, rub a
drop or two into hair to condition and make
your hair glisten. Very effective, lasts for many
months, smells clean and fresh.                               
                               One half ounce bottle: $30.00
Aromatherapy for your           
                    Personal care        
Headache Oils: a traditional blend    
     of essential oils to bring relief from
headaches. For external use only. Rub a tiny
amount on forehead, temples, back of neck.
Very effective, very popular, smells very
delightful and really works.                              
                                   One dram bottle: $28.00  
Refresh Yourself: a traditional
blend of essential oils to refresh you during
a long day or while traveling.For external
use only. Merely sniff the oils or apply to a
cotton ball or tissue.                                            
                                   One dram bottle:$28.00   
Relief from Pain:a traditional blend
of essential oils to relieve external pains.
Rub a tiny amount onto painful area.             
                                    One dram bottle: $28.00
French White Clay:the perfect clay
powder for a facial mask. Mix with water    
 only,or add witch hazel, powdered herbs,
oatmeal, cornmeal or what ever suits your
skin type                                                        
                                         One ounce: $8.00