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We accept personal checks, money orders and
bank checks US funds only. Your personal
check will take 10 business days to clear, then
your order will be shipped. There is a $35.00
charge for all returned checks.By all other
payment forms, your order will be shipped
within 24 to 48 hours once your payment is
received. All orders are shipped via USPS
Tracking, Priority Mail. FedEx is also available
upon request. Print the order form below, then
browse the pages to add the items you would
like to order.
Once you have made your selections, you may
email your order so it will be ready to ship
once payment is received.
Moonshadow Herbs strives for quality and
integrity in all we do. We will do everything
possible to be certain that you are pleased with
your order, however, due to the nature of our
products, returns are not available. There are
absolutely no returns on any oils. Samples are
available for $5.00 each, the $5.00 will be
applied to your purchase of the sample item.
If for any reason, you are not pleased, contact
us at once,and arrangements will be made to
assure satisfaction.
Shipping and Handling
Delivery Confirmation is included in the price of shipping and handling your order.                         
                                                Items under $10.00, please add $7.00 s/h                                                           
                                             From $10.01 to $30.00, please add $12.00 s/h                                                        
                                               From $30.01 and up, please add $18.00 s/h                                                    
Over $100.00 please add 15% of order total
New York State residents must add 8% sales tax to the total of items
(your sub-total) plus shipping and handling.      

                    For example: your total is $120.00                                               
                        shipping and handling is $18.00                                               
                       sub-total is $138.00 x 8%= $11.04                                                
               your Total Due on this order $149.04
In New York State you are required to pay sales tax on the shipping       
     and handling amount, as well as on your purchases.  

Enter your selections using the order form below, then click on the
"submit" button. Your order will be sent to us at once. Print the order
form and  mail with your payment.

Your order will be packed and ready to be shipped once your payment
is received.
Please email any questions to    
Thank you for your order.
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PO Box 216, Nineveh, NY 13813
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