Moonshadow Herbs                            
PO BOX 216, Nineveh, New York 13813
Potpourris and Sachets   by the ounce $8.00
Bulk quantities are available for your own creations.
In addition to one ounce packages, potpourris and sachets are available to you
 in the following presentations:
as Sachets at $8.00 each or 3 for $22.00             
in sachet baskets: scent of your choice: $7.00,   $12.00  or   $20.00
Following is our selection of scents, blended over the years from personal
preferences and to please you, our valued and discerning customer.
Christmas Potpourri: a nostalgic reminder of the Holiday Season to enjoy all year
long. Fragrantly full of tiny cones and spices. A long-lasting scent, very well loved, a best
seller for all the years I've been creating potpourris. (Longer than I care to admit).
Colleen's 2:11am Anti-nightmare Sachet: a fragrant and soothing
scent,blended to prevent nightmares and negative energies. Calming and relaxing.
East Indian Allure: only slightly sweet, yet enticing, a blend of patchouli and other
fragrancies from India. Very sensual.
Enchantment: a well researched aphrodisiac, inspired by Astarte, a sophisticated and     
 suggestive melody, instrumental for those dedicated to romantic purpose. Works very well.....
Gentleman's Sachet: an unusual and long-lasting combination for the well groomed   
 gentleman. Definitely a masculine scent, yet very appealing. All men should smell this good.
Heartwarmers:a simmering potpourri, blended to fill your home with the aroma of
fresh spices. Reusable again and again. Let me just mention here that you can simmer                  
  anything, but this is especially nice.
Midsummer's Night Dream:a classic harmony of lavender, roses, secrets and
illusions. A best seller for many years. Everyone selects "a midsummer's night dream".
Nyx on Dead Flowers: very musky and darkly magical, Nyx being the very                   
   personification of night in mythology, featuring frankincense and myrrh. Love this scent.....
Orange Blossom Especial: delicate, light and lingering. Full of orange blossoms     
  and herbs to pleasantly surprise your senses.
Pomander Rolling Mix: traditionally, a pomander is made from oranges, lemons,
limes or apples. The entire piece of fruit is studded with cloves in one sitting. The cloves must
be pushed into the fruit, if you make holes in the fruit, then push the cloves into them, the
cloves will fall out. The cloves and the pomander rolling mix will dry the fruit and preserve it
for ages. The fragrance is delightful. The mix is blended of spices and fixatives, instructions
are included.
Rose of my Heart: a spiced rose blend, lovely and forthright, just like my little              
    Mother, Rose. A very well loved scent, long-lasting and fragrant.
Sleepy Bunny: helps to induce a nice, peaceful sleep. Traditionally, sewn into a small
sachet pillow and placed under your own bed pillow. Before retiring for the night, flip your
pillow over and sweet, restful, dreams for you.
Sweet Violet O'Leary: the elusive violet, haunting and pervasive. Named after my
childhood friend's grandmother, who although very sweet, was haunting and pervasive, in a
good way. This scent is delightful and like Violet, long-lasting.
Victorian Garden: a romantic blend of roses and herbs, recalling more elegant times.
It has been some years, but this may be the first potpourri ever blended by Moonshadow             
  Herbs. Still going strong, these were the herbs growing in our first gardens and growing in      
 our gardens today. Not sweet, very like a stroll among the herbs. Refreshing.
Wedding Herbs: a combination traditionally associated with romance and weddings.
Use for sachet favors, scattering before the Bride or for tossing at the Newly-Weds. Please
remember that bulk rates are available. This potpourri will arrive with a tag indicating the
history of each herb as it relates through the ages, to love.
Wood Nymph's Advocate: a moth-proofing blend. A delicious smelling, most
carefully researched, sachet of 18 herbs, spices and essential oils. To protect all your woolens
and natural fibers. Very effective for two storage seasons. Please note that all items must be
clean before storage, no matter what is used as a moth repellent.
As an instructor I have been asked questions about Sachets and Potpourris over
the years. Some of them very interesting, but mostly along these lines: " Why don't
the scents last from the store?" "Why do the stores that sell potpourris give me a
headache?" Here is the truth as I've come to know it: most commercial potpourris   
do NOT have natural preservatives and in fact are merely dried materials with       
fragrance oils on them. They are low ticket items, meant to fade, so you will buy    
more. The potpourris and sachets from  Moonshadow Herbs
do have natural            
preservatives and all include essential oils. The difference is this:

                THERE IS QUALITY AND PERSONAL INTEGRITY IN ALL WE DO.                 
                   Thank you for your interest in                           
           Make the world a better place to smell.          
Woodland Walk: this is divine if you are a fan of the scents of the woods, balsam and
all aromas of moss and ferns. With overtones from the Herb garden, and spicy notes to bring a
smile. This pleases all who like the natural scent of a stroll in the woods.